Dicyanin Glasses | Aura Glasses

These Aura glasses are using the special filter to see the aura around people and objects. These glasses use the same technology recently discovered on the UFO observation. The Dicyanin glasses commonly used for light therapy to get rid of the fall and winter blues, have shown some extraordinary capacities to apply a filter to see things differently from the regular human eye spectrum

Dicyanin glasses using a dicyanin aura filter

  • Luminette 3 - World's first Light Therapy Glasses - Over 100,000 people have already said goodbye to the winter blues !
    ☀️ NEW MODEL : Slimmer design (- 0.39 inch) ; Lighter (- 0.42 oz) ; Longer autonomy; More convenient on/off button ; Same effectiveness ! ☀️ PATENTED LIGHTING SYSTEM : Thanks to its patented illumination system Luminette provides ideal eyes exposure while keeping vision free. If you wear glasses or contact lenses you can use Luminette without them impacting your vision or comfort ☀️ EQUIVALENT TO A 10,000 LUX LAMP : The light emitted is a blue-enriched white light. It comes with 3 intensities (500, 1,000 and 1,500 lux). An independent clinical trial has demonstrated that Luminette is as much beneficial as an 10,000 lux lamp ☀️ LONGER AUTONOMY : Luminette is rechargeable by micro-usb cable; one charge gives autonomy for 10 sessions. Supplied with a US-plug charger ☀️ SAFE AND CERTIFIED: Luminette has been safely used by more than 120,000 users since 2006. Luminette is certified as "zero-risk" device according to european standard IEC 62471 on photobiological safety
    199.00 $

It’s a lot to take in 😤😅 Let me know what you think‼️ 1st video cred:@dontghostme #fyp#cloaking#snapchat#dicyanin#dicyanindye#cloakingdevice#foryou

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